About Us

The Quaffer is the patented double bubble shot glass, which is a shot glass with a built-in chaser. It measures 2.25oz on bottom and 1.25oz on top. The shape of the glass (and science) allows any liquor to sit conveniently on top of any chaser until consumed. This provides for the smoothest shot ever as well as endless combinations of delicious shot recipes. The last thing you taste is the chaser! 


About the owner

Alex Montague did not invent the Quaffer, instead he was (and still is) the biggest Quaffer fan in history. Throughout college he helped create a cult following of the device and was always wondering why the Quaffer was still pretty unknown to the rest of the world. After deciding to dedicate himself to solve this mystery and get the word of Quaffer out into the world of drinkers, he was certain that he had to make this happen. After many meetings with the previous owner, a deal was made and Alex was going to be taking over as the new owner of Quaffer and fulfill his dream of making the Quaffer known to all!

What We Can Do For You


We can help your shots taste better, we can make shots easier to take, we can help spice up your party with a fun new approach to taking shots with the endless combinations.


We can help your bar/restaurant boost sales with a premeasured glass for controlled pour costs, we can help bars eliminate having to use a shot glass and separate drinking glass for bomb shots... Think Jager bombs.

Liquor companies

We can host your liquor’s logo and promote your liquor’s delicious use in combinations with other drinks.

Clubs/Organizations, Weddings, Fraternities etc

We can have custom Quaffers personalized with ink or an etching of your logo so you can become more intimate with the Quaffer.


"We love quaffers, they are a great conversation piece and when someone sees it they always want one, they upsell themselves! .... we are the number one seller of Jagermeister in Southern California mostly due to your glasses. It's one of our most popular drinks and we have been using quaffers for over 15 years now"

- Chris Shaw, Owner of Urban Mo's bar & grill - San Diego, CA